Pamela White
Pam White
Exceptional Student Services (ESS) Instructional Support Specialist and Program Facilitator

Pamela White has been serving students with disabilities for almost 15 years. As a classroom teacher, Pamela experienced working with students having a variety of disabilities. She also served as a TAP mentor and master teacher. Pamela holds certifications in multiple areas and is qualified to serve as an education leader. In her current role as an Exceptional Student Services (ESS) instructional specialist, she supports a high school whose student population is largely students with severe cognitive disabilities. She also facilitates a district program developed for students with severe cognitive disabilities. Pamela is also a member of her districts transition team where she supports the implementation of district programs which aide the transition of students with disabilities as they prepare to exit high school. Pamela is passionate about maintaining high expectations for students with disabilities, teaching with intention, and implementing effective reading strategies to develop and strengthen foundational reading skills for all students